The ever-growing role of private operators in a sector that was once dominated by public entities has created a demand for qualified legal assistance, which we cater since many years assisting industrial and financial players in their investments and growth.

  • Permira/IBSL/Althea

    Advice to the Permira Funds in the purchase of Ingegneria Biomedica Santa Lucia and in the ensuing group-building and corporate reorganization.

  • Permira/TBS

    Advice to the Permira Funds in the tender offer on TBS Group, listed on AIM Italia.

  • Italmobiliare

    Advice in the acquisition of Casa della Salute.

  • Tubilux Pharma

    Advice to the Aksìa Funds in the acquisition of Tubliux Pharma.

  • KOS

    Assistance to KOS Group in its external growth projects (among which the acquisition of Residenze Anni Azzurri) and in the reorganization of its real estate assets (with the Beni Stabili Funds).


    Advice to CIR Group in the KOS capital increase with the entry of AXA into the shareholder structure.

  • IEO – Istituto Europeo di Oncologia

    Advice to the company in its restructuring an in the following transactions with the entry of new shareholders.

  • Esaote

    Advice to the shareholders in their sale and reinvestment in connection with the purchase of the company by Ares Life Science.
    Advice to the company in the externalization of parts of the Group’s activities.

  • IBSL

    Assistance to Ingegneria Biomedica Santa Lucia in the sale of a receivables portfolio to Banca Farmafactoring.

  • Kedrion

    Assistance to Investitori Associati in the purchase, development and sale of the company.

  • Infa Group

    Assistance in the Investitori Associati investment and exit, as well as in the recapitalization and refinancing of the indebtedness.