Infrastructure and Energy

We have developed our activity in this field hand-in-hand with the intervention of private players in a highly-regulated environment that was once dominated by public entities, and now our work continues alongside institutional investors and leading industrial operators.

  • El Towers

    Assistance to F2i in the volultary tender offer on El Towers.

  • Edison/Zephyro

    Advice to Edison Group in the investment in Zephyro.

  • Alerion Clean Power

    Advice to Edison and F2i in the competing tender offers and in the related litigation.

  • F2i Aeroporti

    Assistance to F2i in the reorganization of its investments in the airport sector.

  • Metroweb

    Advice to F2i Funds in the investment, expansion and divestiture of Metroweb.

  • ENEL

    Advice to the company in the disposal of the Maritza East III plant.

  • Infracom/McLink

    Assistance to F2i in the financing for the acquisition and mandatory tender offer on McLink.

  • Aeroporto di Bologna

    Assistance to the F2i Funds in the financing for the acquisition of a relevant participation in the company in the context of its IPO.

  • Mediobanca

    Advice to Mediobanca in the Sorgenia financial restructuring.

  • Salini/Impregilo

    Advice to Impregilo in the tender offer launched on the company by Salini Group.

  • Impregilo

    Sale to Gavio Group of a participation in Tangenziali Esterne Milano and the related works quotas.

  • Sirti

    Advice to the company and to its controlling holding in the restructuring of the Group financial indebtedness.

  • M4

    Assistance to the Municipality of Milan in the public tender for the selection of the private partner for the construction and management of the Metro Line 4.

  • Impregilo

    Advice to the company in its restructuring through a capital increase, renegotiation of the financing agreements and disposals.

  • Compart/Montedison

    Advice to Compart in the voluntary tender offer on Montedison.

  • Aeroporti di Roma

    Advice to the bidders in the privatization and in the ensuing transactions regarding the company.

  • Edipower

    Advice in the acquisition of Eurogen and in the related financing.

  • F2i-Marguerite / Infracom / McLink / KPNQWEST/Enter

    Advice to F2i Funds in the investment in Infracom, McLink and KPNQWEST.
    Assistance in the ensuing Group corporate reorganization.